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Welcome to Remington Bluffs, an undiscovered residential oasis.  The pictures you see, show the beauty of autumn, past and present, as it descends upon our unique community. 
Remington Bluffs is strategically situated near the big city, but is nestled in a classic rural community setting.  Large Townhomes, beautiful trees, super mountain views, great set-backs, impeccable landscaping, pristine open-space, private swimming pool, and tranquility. With all of this, when you visit with any of our neighbors you'll immediately realize, our greatest amenity is our residents.  Come visit, you'll fall in love with our community.
For any questions you might have regarding the opportunity to live in Reminton Bluffs, please go to 'Contact Us' and click on Property Manager.
~ Changing Light Fixtures on the Front of Your Home ~
If you want to change the light fixtures on the front of your home, these are the parameters you should follow:
The metal on the fixture needs to be black (or look black) to match the address plaque
The bottom needs to be open
All fixtures in the front should be changed at the same time
Please submit a maintenance request on the website and email a picture of the fixture  to and she will get the picture to the board for review.
Please contact Lynne  or a Board member if you have any questions.

~ Making Changes to the Exterior of Your Home ~
Are you thinking about changing the outside of your home in any way?  Replacing windows?  Removing bushes or trees?  Altering the “rock mulch” in front of your home?  Replacing or remodeling your deck or patio?*  If so, the Remington Bluffs Sub-Association Declaration requires that you must first get approval from the Remington Bluffs Board of Directors for any changes to the exterior of your home, including the landscaping.  (You can find details regarding  this requirement in Section 9 of RBTA’s Sub-Association Declaration.  Our HOA’s legal documents are on the RBTA website.)
The Board asks that you submit your request through the Maintenance Request process on the Remington Bluffs website.  Your request should include detailed descriptions of what you want to do, including specifications and measurements, material samples and colors, and location of the proposed changes.  For landscaping, specific types and the number of plantings you want to use as replacements should be included.   If it’s not possible to include plans and pictures as part of your request via the website, you can send these to the Laurie Teague and she can distribute them to the Board. 
Please allow at least 30 days for the Board’s review before you schedule the work to begin.   The Sub-Declaration requires that the Board respond to your request within 30 days of when they  receive all of the relevant documentation.  The Board will respond as quickly as possible, but you can insure a quicker answer if you include as much detail as possible with your initial proposal. 
To make this process easier for you, the Board suggests you discuss your preliminary plans with the Property Manager or any Board member so they can share any policies, concerns, or other issues before you get too far along in your planning.  An even better option might be to come to a Board meeting and present your proposal; this helps get the Board’s questions answered immediately and shortens the time line appreciably.  (The Board meets the fourth Tuesday of every month, but can call special meetings if needed.)
In many cases the Highlands Ranch Community Association (HRCA) must also approve your proposal.  Please contact Laurie for information on their procedure as it’s  more complicated than Remington Bluffs’.  You can access the application online at HRCA home improvement request form. 
If you have any questions, please contact the Property Manager or any Board member. 
Thanks for your cooperation.
*If you plan to extend your deck or patio in any direction, you’ll need a plot plan to assure the construction doesn’t extend into the common area.  The Property Manager has obtained the map from Douglas County and has it available in the Eastridge HRCA office.

~ Community News ~
Emergency Number
Posted on Dec 20th, 2012
As we all know, emergencies don't ever happen during working hours!  For this reason, the HRCA has contracted a company called Front Range Patrol to help.  If you experience an emergency (that does not need 9-1-1) and need the assistance of the Property Manager after hours, you can contact Front Range Patrol to help.  The phone number for Front Range Patrol is 303-591-9027.  They will field your call and act accordingly.  If the phone call can wait until the Property Manager is back in the office, leave a message and the call will be returned.  The intent of Front Range Patrol is for those emergencies that need action immediately (i.e. basement is flooding, water is dripping into your home from the ceiling, etc.) and you cannot reach the Property Manager.  Hopefully no residents ever need this service but rest assured that assistance is there if you need.

~ What's New ~
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~ Upcoming Meetings ~
The next Remington Bluffs BOD Meeting will be held on Tuesday November 18, 2014, 6:30pm at the Eastridge recreation center in the Aspen Vail room.
Homeowners are welcome to attend all BOD meetings.

~ Events ~
Lunch Bunch-
The Lunch Bunch will meet Tuesday, October 21, at noon at Cafe Mon Ami on University near Ace Hardware.  Please let Dodie Simmons know whether or not you will be able to attend.  
RBTA Holiday Party hosted by Rena and Bill Johnson at their home.
Save Sunday December 7th for an evening get together.
Details to follow. 

~ Volunteers Needed ~

~ HRCA Delegate Update ~
HRCA Delegate Update September 2014
Did you know? If you are 60 years old or over, the Douglas County School District can issue you
a gold card to allow you to attend high school sporting and performing arts events for free
- what a deal!
Highlands Ranch Metro Districts announced a new Littleton rescue vehicle to serve Highlands
Ranch. This smaller vehicle will be available, based on dispatcher discretion, to respond to less
serious incidents instead of sending a full ambulance and fire truck response.
The Northridge Recreation Center is over 30 years old and in need of renovation. The HRCA
Board of Directors identified and the delegates approved $160,000 small capital and reserve
projects to be completed in 2014 since we expect to be enough under budget for 2014 to cover
these projects.
Activities Calendar (go to for full details)
Oct 4 Indoor Garage Sale, Eastridge, 8am-3pm
Oct 11-12 Fall Craft Show, Eastridge, 9am-5pm
Oct 16 Paranormal Party, HR Mansion, 6pm-9pm, $30 advance
Oct 17 Magic Show, Southridge, 7pm-8pm, $7 advance
Oct 18 Fall Coffee Tasting, Eastridge, 9:30am-11am, $10 advance
Oct 23 Classical Music Series, HR Mansion, 6:30pm-8pm, $15 advance
Oct 25 Trick-or-Treat Street, Eastridge, 10am-2pm, $1 at door
Nov 13 Classical Music Series, HR Mansion, 6:30pm-8pm, $15 advance
Sue Leidolph, District 9

~ Trash/Recycle Collection ~
Alpine Waste and Recycling is our trash and recycle pickup provider. Remington Bluffs collection day is  MONDAY. Please have your trash out by 7am on Mondays. Your recycle collection day will also be Mondays and remain every other week. If you are looking at the Recycle calendar link below it will be the unshaded days.  To contact Alpine Waste directly call 303-744-9881.

~ Surveys ~
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